Mar 2010 - Stamping

I really love to stamp and I have hundreds of stamp collection. Still, my problem is getting the ink to stick at all. I'm also wondering if I'm using the right inks. It seems that the ink is only good for first use. By second use, the ink just fades.

I've seen some videos of how stampers do it, the one that stuck in my mind is this technique: twist, twist, stamp, stamp, stamp. I seem to be doing this til now, but the ink does not really have a good impression compared to other stamp cards I've seen in magazines and web sites. What am I doing wrong here? Is it me or the pictures that I see in magazines are just over-elaborated work for the sake of taking pictures in magazines?

I've tried the embossing technique using heat and it works pretty well. The ink is really visible (as in HD compared to just drab stamp). I've also tried enhancing the stamped images with markers, that turns out pretty well. In creating the cards in bulk, I find it's all too much work compared to the price that you will be selling it. I'm just glad I'm doing all this just for the fun of it and it's not really my day job.

Here's a card that I first tried with heat embossing technique.